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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcome to Goat Ownership

Welcome to Goat Ownership!

We acquired 2 goats last weekend; A beautiful Buck, named Pepe le Pew, and a Doe named Lily. These beauties are Nigerian Dwarves. Now before anyone tells us, "why did you get a stinky buck????" here's why. Nigerian Dwarf goats are great dairy goats. In order to get milk, the doe has to be pregnant and lactating afterwards. In order to get pregnant, well you know; The birds and the bees after all.

Living on a farm, everything has to produce. If it does not, it becomes food or gets sold. Nothing gets wasted. Goat milk is very useful here. We can make goat cheese, soap, and more!

Pepe le Pew the Buck
Now don't get me wrong, goats are not simple, at that. You need to make sure the Buck does not get grains as he can develop Urinary Calculi. Also, there are many poisonous plants to study since goats love to eat plants! One of our goats, Lily, is an escape artist, therefore we have to watch her carefully and make sure she doesn't get into trouble.

Our Experience Having Goats for One Week

Having goats for one week really has been a blast. Learning about them, having something other than birds for once with a personality, is really adding some fun to the farm. We decided to let the goats out and already notice some funny experiences. 

 Lily was crawling out of her pen within the third day living with us. I was wondering how, and watched as she did it one day. I put bricks around it. She is pregnant and got stuck in a tree today, so I ended up pulling her by the hind legs, the doe screaming bloody murder, under I could get her big belly out. The day before yesterday she played with the dogs and wanted in the house. The closest was on the porch. She jumped right on the couch and begged for attention.


I tied Lily to the fence so she could help weed the garden and she was more upset I left her alone. If I hold on the lead she is perfectly content and munches away. What a spoiled goat! Pepe le Pew is better at being tied up. He doesn't scream like someone is killing him at least.

Needless to say, the goats are bringing laughter to the farm. Stay tuned for more posts here on 5 Acres and Destiny!